Friday, 29 February 2008

Crap Hound 7...

Crap hound is a magazine that basicly uses loads of stolen images/clipart to make up composite layouts and mosiacs. Its a style that works really well, suprisingly. If someone said to you, here this is a comic made of clipart, you'd probably laugh in their face, but not so with crap hound! It shows that by remixing old images something new and cool can be made. Theres nothing new under the sun...

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Chloe said...

Hi there, we've gotten 200+ visitors from your site this month, which seems odd considering the post is so old, but I'm not complaining! I want to thank you for the plug and also comment on what I feel is a slight misunderstanding of the project.

The images in Crap Hound have been culled from a variety of mostly vintage and obscure sources (with some obvious exceptions, such as corporate logos and characters). Some of these images are in the public domain, some are not, and some are actually original artwork specifically created for Crap Hound by various artists and designers which are copyright free.

Each issue is a visual survey of the chosen themes. While, certainly intended to be a resource for artists and designers, they're also enjoyable just for pure viewing pleasure. Crap Hound is not a comic, but does perhaps tell a story as the themes unfold, overlap and interconnect, as well as tell us something about our culture through the images we use to represent ideas, concepts, morals, values, etc.

Chloe Eudaly
Show & Tell Press
Publisher of Crap Hound