Thursday, 11 June 2009

PPD evaluation

PPD Evaluation

My portfolio i feel relates to my aspirations as a graphic designer. I enjoy doing "digital arts", using the computer as an artistic tool to get interesting results. This is something id like to pursue further. This illustrative sort of work has always been exciting to me, but i don't feel i have the skills to be a stand alone illustrator. I feel i can create logos, and effective designs quickly, that look professional. But i need to find a way of looking over work and exploring the options as i often get bored if stuck on one project for too long. I need to step back and look at the project differently and maybe try new approaches so it doesn't get stale.
I hope as a designer to freelance and lead my own business. I have some experience freelancing work. To take this to a more professional level is something that appeals to me greatly.
I am more fond of image based work, im happy to use type, but i find that it isnt as interesting to me as image. I think i sometimes fail to see the nuances of typography, and the big attention to detail is something i need to work on. I enjoy working to very quick deadlines and tend to lose myself when the deadline is several weeks long. This time management is something i need to work on.
I would love to explore the video graphics route as i was only introduced to this recently but i found it very interesting and i feel i can get more out of this discipline. My forward planning must improve to get the most out of it though. I also want to focus on logo design, as i feel it is something i am good at and i think with time this could become a speciality of mine.
My dissertation is to be on the future of outdoor advertising. This is something i feel strongly about as i think there should be some changes to the environment in which we live in terms of media saturation.
I need to improve a lot in the 3rd year and commit to the course fully to get the most out of it, something i endeavor to do.